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A little about us

Getmyboat is the world’s largest boat rental & water experience marketplace. We have over 150,000 listings in 184 countries covering 9,300 destinations.

Our story

Launched in San Francisco 2013, Getmyboat empowers owners of every type of boat, from kayaks to sailboats to motorboats, to post their watercraft for rent or charter for free.

Anywhere in the world, from California to Croatia, people can easily search, find, book and experience the joy of being on the water.

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Our team

  • Sascha Mornell

    Sascha Mornell

    CEO & Cofounder
  • Bryan Petro

    Bryan Petro

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Damian Lewis

    Damian Lewis

    Chief Experience Officer
  • Sholeh Esmaili-Montoya

    Sholeh Esmaili-Montoya

    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Joy



    Our mascot, Joy™, embodies the playfulness and fun that being near and on the water offers. Joy also represents our focus on being a champion to protect and defend the marine environment.

Our mission

We are on a mission to connect owners and renters through our platform, making it easy to get more people out on the water.

For owners, our platform supports their entrepreneurial pursuits of sharing their boats with others as a source of income. For renters, our platform gives them access to a whole new world of on-the-water experiences without having to own a boat.

Our values

  • Row together

    Respect and trust are at the foundation of how we work together. We support and celebrate each other.

    Row together
  • Be a captain

    We take ownership and accountability for our individual and collective work. We value integrity which means we strive to do the right thing for the company and each other, even when we think no one is looking.

    Be a captain
  • Do right, bring joy

    We create experiences and build quality into what we do. We do this by striving for excellence. Excellence is the result of caring about what we do.

    Do right, bring joy


From San Francisco to Madrid - our team is remote and globally distributed. Check out our positions to see if you find a role that matches your experience and interests.

Getmyboat in the press

While renting a boat in Miami may have been a more complicated process a few years ago, Getmyboat will match you with whatever experience you’re looking for. Book an intimate short trip or blowout boat day with friends from the comfort of your phone — you won’t regret it.

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