Culinary businesses are heavily dependent on the taste of the foods that they are serving. The food should be appetizing looking combined with delicious flavors. Today, customers not only look for unusual food tastes but seek sleek and tech savvy places.  The iPad POS has a lot of amazing and customizable features available, be it for POS retail or POS restaurant. The point of sale system has one other significant advantage, and that is it not only manages the sales but also offers inventory management feature.

Restaurant and Point of Sale:

The point of sale system can be accessed very quickly from various stations, handheld devices. This gives flexibility to the users and allows micromanaging.

  • Managing the tables. The POS system now offers you the opportunity to replicate the floor plan of your restaurant on your iPad or any other handheld device. Now you can assign labels to the tables according to your ease. If a table is occupied or has yet to be served, yet to order or yet to pay, all of these labels can be assigned. This can help you set priorities. Also, the unit installed in the kitchen can give them a heads up about the orders that might come in. For tables that have already ordered, their orders can be updated on their tables. The kitchens will know immediately, without much ado. The floor manager can assign numbers to the tables upon arrivals, and the chefs will know what order to prepare the food in so that there are no delays and the service remains efficient.
  • Payments can be made easier. The POS system software also allows the flexibility of splitting the bills. The cost could be divided per person, per dish or in equal amounts. This allows the people who are coming to enjoy the meal can do on their terms.
  • Makes the waiters take orders in a much convenient manner. Each waiter in charge of taking orders should be given a hand-held device. This will allow them to take orders efficiently, and with lesser chances of mistakes and at the same time prevent delays related to order updating to kitchens. This feature helps in serving more customers.

POS software

  • Gone are the old days where the restaurants maintained diaries and logs, that showed them the reservations and helped them manage waitlists. The POS system comes with a feature where you can keep track of the reservations and at the same make sure that the waiting customers do not get disappointed.
  • There is table timer feature in the POS systems software. The waiters can color code according to the stage the customer’s service is in and thus reduce the gaps that might come in the service.
  • Inventory management is a very important feature for any business. The POS software allows the manager to keep track of the food items that might be going out of stock. As soon as the stocks began to dwindle, the set alerts can help in reordering and re stocking ensuring that the kitchens are never out of stock. Proper inventory management can also help in waste management and reduce the losses that might be occurring due to unnecessary wastage.
  • The POS system allows you to develop a loyalty program for your customers. A happy customer is bound to return, but if a happy customer is given credits to enjoy when they next return, the business is making sure that they are never out of business. Loyalty programs can be in the form of surprise gifts, vouchers or even a free meal. The scoring system can be based on the dollars spent. Even a specially decorated meal can lift a customer’s mood. The creativity is all up to the management but returning, and regular customers can be easily identified through the POS software.

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