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The Best Boat Rentals in Lake of the Ozarks

Browse, book, and get out onto the water with local captains and boat owners.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to rent a boat on Lake Of The Ozarks?

    Prices for boat rentals on Lake of the Ozarks vary. A powerboat rental without a captain can start at $88/hour, and prices can go up to $6,000/day for a captained charter on a motor yacht. Pontoon rentals on Lake of the Ozarks are another great option, with prices starting around $110/hour.

    When is the best time to visit Lake Of The Ozarks?

    The best time of year to visit Lake of the Ozarks is summer. Boating season starts in May and often runs into October. June, July, and August are the busiest months with the best weather on Lake of the Ozarks.

    What is the water temperature in Lake Of The Ozarks?

    The water temperature of Lake of the Ozarks varies throughout the year. In the summer, it ranges between 80-88℉, and in the winter, the temperatures are in the mid-50s.

    How old do you have to be to rent a boat in the Lake Of The Ozarks?

    You must be 18 years old to rent and drive a boat on Lake of the Ozarks.

    Do I need a license to drive a boat in Missouri?

    If you were born after 1984, you would need to take a boat safety education course and receive a Boater Safety License to operate a boat. Boat licenses from other states are also valid, and you can take safety courses online as long as they are NASBLA approved.

    Can I play my own music on the boat?

    Most boats will have a sound system with either an AUX or Bluetooth connection, allowing you to play your music. It is always best to check with the captain on the specifics before booking.

    Are floating toys included?

    Many boat rentals and charters include floating toys like lily pads, inflatable unicorns, and other items perfect for a swimming stop to relax in the water. If you’re hoping to have a float day in addition to your boat day, check the boat listing’s description and ask the boat captain or owner if they have floating toys that are included before confirming your booking.